Mindful Manhood Minute: Laughter


Laughter:  to show emotion with a chuckle or explosive vocal sound, to find amusement, merriment, or pleasure in something.

If you have ever heard a great joke, read a funny story or seen a great comedy you know the joy that laughter brings.  Just recalling that memory might make you laugh again or feel a big smile spreading across your face.  It makes you feel good, even great!  The weight of the day seems to lighten as the memory warms your heart.

That’s what laughter does for our loved ones!  When they laugh, WITH you, it makes them feel good.  The shared experience draws them closer to you and strengthens the relationship.

When they’re struggling, laughter has a way of restoring hope.  Hope is a much needed, but seldom seen commodity in all too many homes today.  Laughter is one of the ways to ignite or restore hope in your family.

Being able to laugh with your family it lets them know that you are approachable.  When they see you laughing at your silly mistakes, it makes you more transparent to your loved ones.  That enables your loved ones to draw closer to you, because they understand that it’s ok to make mistakes in our house.  Laughter brings comfort in times of trouble, draws families closer together, building memories that last a life time.

No long ago, while riding in the car, I heard something on the radio that made me really burst out laughing.  While laughing I turned toward the closed window which reflected the echo of my laughter back to me.  In the echo I heard my father’s laugh.  At first it started me, and then it caused me to smile.  I guess the saying it true; “What goes around, come around”.

Remember the times when you laughed so hard that you couldn’t laugh anymore, and end up sitting, and clapping looking like a trained seal.

Thank you for taking time to read today’s Mindful Manhood Minute.  A minute meant to encourage and challenge you to be the healthiest man you can be.  That’s the mission of Unbreakable Bond, to help men like you to find help, healing and hope for all of your relationships.  Sign up today to receive blogs like these sent directly to your e-mail.  I welcome your comments and feedback; your insight may be helpful to other men.

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  1. Jeffrey painter

    Such an encouragement for us fathers.

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