A Dragon Deficit

pexels-photo-knights-v2-764x512We live in an “honor code” culture that perpetuates an unhealthy and mythical, relational expectation for many men.

The myth is based upon the folklore of the heroic knight who bravely journeys to a faraway land, through raging rivers, dangerous desolate lands and dark forests to the fortress lair of the evil dragon.

There he engages in an epic battle, risking life and limb, in which he valiantly prevails, slaying the dragon, and freeing the people and the beautiful princess who falls madly in love with him because of his daring deeds!

Don’t miss the myth perpetuated within the message!

The legendary story leads men to believe that a knight/warrior becomes worth loving because of the deeds he has done, rather than because of who he is.

Fast forward to modern day, and we find too many men believing that because they brave the frustrating workplace, provide a house, car, and food on the table (in other words, slay the dragon daily), that should “BE ENOUGH” to be loved!

Unfortunately, the heart of a woman is not won by a man’s daring deeds, although protecting her is a vital part of healthy intimacy!  A woman wants to be able to hear a man’s heart, that he knows and loves her heart…forever, for always, no matter what.

Besides, when was the last time you saw a real dragon? 

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