Mindful Manhood Minute: Communicate


Communicate: to convey or transmit an emotion or feeling in a nonverbal way,  to pass on information or understanding in others

The soccer game was over, they had tried their hardest but lost by one point.  As the disappointed team of 10-year-olds left the field, I observed two fathers.  One dad sternly stood with arms crossed shaking his head as his son walked toward him.  The other dad walked toward his son, bending low with arms wide open greeting his son with an encouraging smile.

Neither dad said a word, but both spoke volumes to their child.  One son just lost a game; the other son lost his father’s admiration.  One son felt disappointed; the other son felt dejected.

Actions speak louder than words.  What do your actions communicate?  That they are loved and accepted, no matter what?  Or that your love, acceptance, and admiration is conditional.   Be mindful that your actions, not your words reveal your hearts true feelings.

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