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Most men, especially self-mentored men, have bought into mythical manhood stereotypes that pursue sexual gratification as the measure of whether they feel “loved,” only to be disheartened by the lingering feelings of hollowness and relational insecurity that remains.

IMG_5313I know. I’ve been there, too. For years, I battled my own sexual dependency until I learned how to break free and stay free.

For over 20 years as a therapist, author, and coach, I’ve specialized in working with men who struggle with relational barriers like porn and unhealthy or unrealistic intimacy expectations that have caused devastating damage in their relationships.

I help you find help, healing, and hope. Most men deeply desire true intimacy. The good news is that there is hope and healing! Our proven resources will enable you to develop healthy relational intimacy, restoring hope and healing to your heart, your home, and your family.

With Unbreakable Bond you will learn how to:

  • Dismantle the barriers to healthy intimate relationships
  • Restore the strength of your God-given virtues
  • Eliminate harmful habits, like lust, porn, or sexual dependency, that sabotage your heart
  • Reveal the boundless blessings of authentic, healthy intimacy
  • Use processes and principles that are essential to developing healthy intimacy and having deeper and more rewarding relationships than you ever imagined
  • Forge intimate relationships that last a lifetime

Know that you are not alone! Together with my team at Unbreakable, we will support you with resources, blogs, Rescuing the Rogue small group curriculum, webinars, workshops, and coaching that will enable you to overcome relational barriers, like sexual dependency or porn; develop healthy authentic intimacy; and deepen your relationships with loved ones.

My mission is to help you discover what authentic and healthy intimacy truly is and how to restore real relational intimacy to all of your relationships!

Randell Turner, Ph.D. is an author, trainer, coach, and therapist who specializes in working with men who struggle with sexual dependency and all of the devastating collateral damage it causes within their lives and relationships. As one of the pioneers in the Fatherhood & Men’s Movement, he has authored award-winning resources for organizations like the National Center for Fathering, Kid Nation Magazine, National Fatherhood Initiative, National Head Start Association, Parents as Teachers, Prison Fellowship, and Fatherhood.gov. Most recently, he has authored Rescuing the Rogue: Forging Intimate Relationships that Last. Randell is a child abuse survivor, having spent six years under the watchful care of several foster families, to whom he is eternally grateful. Most importantly, Randell is the father of two and  grandfather of five gorgeous grandchildren. For more information on Rescuing the Rogue curriculum and coaching, please email rturner@unbreakablebond.org.

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