The Father’s Workshop

The Father’s Workshop uniquely offers help, healing, and hope to men and their relationships through Christian Coaching  and Counseling services provided on multiple personal and multi-media platforms.

For more information:
Phone: 929-650-5435

Our local office located at:

River City Church
21 Pawnee Street
Watertown, Wisconsin 53094
By appointment only

The Father’s Workshop Coaching and Counseling services are uniquely designed to transform relationships for men like you by  eliminating  relational barriers and intimacy ignorance that causes you to feel sexually dependent, isolated, or lonely.  Thus enabling you to discover and develop an authentic healthy intimacy that equips you to forge intimate relationships that last a lifetime.

The Father’s Workshop is a faith-based, Bible-driven organization where your faith in God is at the center of everything, for it is only in His power and provision that we find freedom.  Together you will learn how to cultivate the healthy valiant man within you who courageously develops and exhibits an unwavering friendship grounded by a deeply devoted love and affection with his family, friends and a fellowship of men.

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